A collection of personal projects, juvenilia, and failed enterprises

Birthday Girl!: a quick stop-motion animation by Hannah Engelson with music by me.

Improvisation to an Open Window Overlooking Atlantic Avenue: in which I set up my Zoom recorder by my bedroom window and play along to it.

Lento from a Decommissioned Tuba Concerto: Pretty self-explanatory.


Parallel: A simple score to a short animation by Ang Wei Tyng. The film was screened at the Very Short International Film Festival and the basement of the Esplanade in Singapore.


Japanesque: Long before I embarked on my conservatory adventures, my greatest influences were Japanese composers of film and video game music such as Nobuo Uematsu, Joe Hisaishi, and Ryuichi Sakamoto. This was my attempt to emulate them, though I probably need a better title.


Labyrinthine Garden: Just something I did for fun while learning to use Logic Pro.


Joshua’s Ringtone: Originally a commercial project that fell through, it now alerts me of incoming calls.