Weekly Notes #2

January 24, 2021

Yesterday I put the finishing touches on a new piece (an art song...?) for baritone voice, violin, and cello, which I began writing in December but had been neglecting since the new year. It's short, not quite 5 minutes long, and rather weird. The text is by me; I won't vouch for it at all. But I'm honored to be in a program with some great New York-based talent—you can read the press release here.

I contributed an earlier song to the same project in its first iteration in 2019, but this time I chose to replace it with a completely different piece. The project's theme is immigration: funny, because I'm in my home country for the foreseeable future. But "it is part of morality not to be at home in one's home," as Adorno said. At any rate, I'm happy this is done and look forward to a long break from composing.


Naturally the bulk of my time is devoted to my new job, exploring ideas for a new project in the creator economy space. I wrote three posts about it this week—fewer than I would have liked. I forget how difficult simply thinking can be—and expressing thoughts without filters, even more so. Hopefully as I get used to writing more frequently, my internal filters won't be as strong. Above all, I can't wait to start building.

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