What I'm doing now

Updated: June 2021

This is a /now page inspired by Derek Sivers, a list of things with which I'm occupied at this point in time:

  • Living/melting in the Philippines while waiting out the coronavirus situation. I moved back here in 2020 seeking a reboot after several years of “the artist life” in New York City. The move ended up coinciding with the pandemic. I don't plan on being here forever, but I'm looking to enjoy not having to deal with any country's immigration system for as long as possible.

  • Chasing a second career in software development. I’m currently in the spring cohort of Co.Lab, working with a product manager and designer to ship a new mobile app, while staying on the lookout for the next opportunity.

  • Working on a musical adaptation of Noël Coward’s Hay Fever with lyricist/librettist A.J. Freeman. Hopefully some workshops/readings later this year.

  • Learning Spanish.

  • Trying to read and think with more care, and to maintain a public writing habit.