What is music for?—and some new videos

No, really: what is music for? What’s the point? In light of the many recent goings-on in the world, this question seems to sting anew. But the more we insist on asking it, the less it becomes clear that there is in fact any point. Maybe it’s the wrong question. It’s like asking: what is anger for, or fear, or joy, or excitement? Music is is how I react to things; I can’t quite help it.

I was recently able to gather my thoughts and sit still long enough to write a brief essay in which I explain why I compose—instead of dumping it all on this page, which is really supposed to be for “news,” I have put it in the “About” section of this site as a kind of personal or artistic statement. For now, it represents the best attempt I can make to make sense of this ridiculous activity to which I, along with many others, have come to devote myself.


And lest I forget, not too long ago I finally received videos from Ensemble Gô’s Yokohama tour in the summer of 2015. Here are their performances of Cariñosa and Heavenward. Enjoy!

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