Future Classics with the Minnesota Orchestra


As it happens I’ve been in Minneapolis all week for the Minnesota Orchestra Composer Institute, which will culminate tonight in the orchestra’s annual Future Classics concert, of which I’m beyond thrilled to be part. Last night my fellow composers and I introduced ourselves to a small audience of administrators, staff, and friends of the Minnesota Orchestra, and as the only non-American in the group I made it clear that I was a very long way from home. Growing up in the Philippines, classical music was simply not a life option. And when I discovered the pleasures of orchestral music for the first time, I didn’t think that one day I’d be writing it, let alone be sitting in a hall to listen to one of America’s great orchestras perform something I’d written. But—here we are.

The rest of the program, made up of all-new orchestral music by some very talented people, is sure to be an experience too. Also, a live broadcast on Classical MPR…!

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